Stay on Track

Food prep! The last two weeks were admittedly a sh!t show of my trying to keep up with my food schedule. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything into the day and still sleep. Today I was determined to get the first four days of next week ready! ✅ shopped @wholefoods and @costco ,2 hours of cooking later my meals and snacks are all set thru Thursday (for my amazing kiddo and Fiancé too) 🙌🏻 A lot of people ask me if I’m sick of cooking 99% of what we eat each week, and I let them know I prefer doing that to feeling like 💩 which is how I used to feel before I took control of my nutrition 😉 #youreworthit #keepitclean #foodprepsunday#yougotthis

AIP: I love coffee so much I want to bathe in it

Here’s a snippet of information from @dave.asprey @bulletproofemail that was sent out today – 3 things you can use coffee and/or bulletproof items for to aide with skin, hair, nails and cellulite! Who’s down for a coffee ☕ bath 🛀? 🙌🏻 pick me! Speaking of cellulite reduction, are you guys keeping up with your dry brushing? 😉 So here’s your to-do for this evening – light a few candles, dry brush for a few minutes then soak in a bulletproof coffee bath – lock the door if it ensures your break from the world!#bathtime #youtime #coffee #bulletproof#healing #lightafewcandlestoo #quiettime#solace #meditate #newroutine #yougotthis#aipworks #aipcommunity

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa aka HS is an autoimmune disease I only just became familiar with. Kat noticed on a lot of her podcasts it kept coming up- so we thought to highlight it today for Autoimmune Awareness Monday. What I found to be interesting was that many women with PCOS have HS as well. We are seeing more of what I call the AI layering effect. I was please to see that many doctors recommend cleaning up your diet to help with this as well. Isn’t that always just the common thread?