AIP: For clean, activated teeth

🤩Natural Teeth Whitening 🤩

I just started using this activated charcoal to whiten my teeth. Cleaning up my beauty routine hasn’t been simple, but I get excited when I find a cool new product like this one. #aipcommunity#autoimmunedisease #cleanbeauty #clean #yougotthis #activatedcharcoal

Monday – Lupus awareness and Inflammation reflection

Here’s our post from IG.  Each week we highlight one of 100 Autoimmune diseases.  Today I stepped back for a moment and made some observations – so obvious in retrospect, but things come to us at certain times, so we take it as it comes – here’s what I wrote:

There are 100 autoimmune diseases and of all the ones I’ve been researching there is one common thread – inflammation. And if there’s one thing I can share with you from my own experience and countless other people I’ve helped with the Autoimmune Protocol, cutting out the foods and toxins that cause inflammation gives you your health back. Is it difficult cutting out all the foods you’ve spent your life eating? Absolutely. Is it easy living day in and day out feeling like sh*t? Absolutely not. So take that leap of faith and dedicate the next 90+ days going 💯 AIP. There are no cheat days because that’s only cheating your health and halting progress. Kat and I are here for You. We love this, we heal from this and there’s no reason why you won’t heal too. Community and support makes all things possible. We’re so thank you that You are a part of our AIP Community ❤️ #lupus #aipcommunity #aipworkouts#AIPworks #aipforhealth #glutenfree #inflammation #starttoday #bewell#wearehereforyou

It is our SINCERE hope that through the information and experiences we share with all of you through our website, IG, Twitter, FB and Pintrest accounts that we touch lives and HELP others.  It was a lonely journey for us when we got started, so we hope that having a community of supporters and friends gets you to better health.