Stay on Track

Food prep! The last two weeks were admittedly a sh!t show of my trying to keep up with my food schedule. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything into the day and still sleep. Today I was determined to get the first four days of next week ready! ✅ shopped @wholefoods and @costco ,2 hours of cooking later my meals and snacks are all set thru Thursday (for my amazing kiddo and Fiancé too) 🙌🏻 A lot of people ask me if I’m sick of cooking 99% of what we eat each week, and I let them know I prefer doing that to feeling like 💩 which is how I used to feel before I took control of my nutrition 😉 #youreworthit #keepitclean #foodprepsunday#yougotthis

AIP Tacos

🌮AIP Tacos🌮
I always get the question about getting kids to eat more veggies.
Sometimes we just gotta hide them 🤫😂. In most of my dishes for my son, I will grate zucchini, carrots, or add cauliflower rice. Tonight I made these tacos with @sietefoods tortilla, top them with avocado and some black olives. It is one of his favorite meals! How do you hide your veggies ?😂! #aipcommunity #paleo#whole30 #veggies #nomnomnom#organic #autoimmunedisease #healthy#dinner #tacos #grassfedbeef

Fresh Herbs for Detox

🌱🌿Fresh herbs are a great way to #detox! 🌿 Adding fresh herbs to almost everything I make from smoothies to salads has been such an easy change. #aipcommunity #autoimmunedisease
Some benefits of herbs are #antiinflammatory#antibacterial #memory #antioxidants

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie was an extra yummy one this morning! Half an avocado, 🥑🌱lettuce, papaya, half a banana, 🍌 a cup of water and lots of ice. #aipcommunity #aip#greensmoothie #organic #detox#autoimmunedisease #healthy #nomnomnom

Cilantro Garlic Sole

🐟Cilantro Garlic Sole #ftwtonight🐟 Definitely making this one again! Added a side of cauliflower rice, olives, carrots and zucchini. Then topped it all off with fresh cilantro. If you aren’t a fan of cilantro, parsley would work just fine as a substitute. #aipcommunity #aip #wildcaught #organic#paleo #whole30 #cauliflowerrice#nomnomnom

Roasted Parsnips

Sunday Food Prep! Roasted parsnip with garlic, rosemary and a drizzle of olive oil! @jumpfitnessnow has this amazing snack down for me this week 🙌🏻 can’t wait to eat it tomorrow 😋 Let your goals outweigh your excuses, you got this! #parsnips #organic#foodprep #healthyfood

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of champions today! I made a screaming good batch of bone broth (chicken with hella garlic cloves- like 30) and today I added in 3 ounces of grilled chicken breast and 50g of white sweet potato 🍠 I love that feeling when I put so much nutritional goodness in my body and I can feel it saying Thank You ☺️ I hear ya with busy mornings, it’s another 7am- 11pm kinda day, so the food prep I did on Sunday once again saved me 🙌🏻 there’s only one thing to do after a breakfast this good, workout 👊🏻💪🏼🏋️‍♀️ Happy Thursday AIP Community!!! #organic #bonebroth #breakfast #garlic