Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of champions today! I made a screaming good batch of bone broth (chicken with hella garlic cloves- like 30) and today I added in 3 ounces of grilled chicken breast and 50g of white sweet potato 🍠 I love that feeling when I put so much nutritional goodness in my body and I can feel it saying Thank You ☺️ I hear ya with busy mornings, it’s another 7am- 11pm kinda day, so the food prep I did on Sunday once again saved me 🙌🏻 there’s only one thing to do after a breakfast this good, workout 👊🏻💪🏼🏋️‍♀️ Happy Thursday AIP Community!!! #organic #bonebroth #breakfast #garlic

Freedom Bar

Traveling a lot for work in the next couple weeks and these little bars saved the day @_freedombar or @amazon. If you have reintroduced nuts back into your diet these are a win! #aipcommunity #organic#paleo #whole30 #healthy #nomnomnom#travel

AIP: Yummy Yummy for my Tummy

9 months later, still juicing organic celery on the daily 🙌🏻😉 What benefits am I enjoying from this daily habit? Each morning on an empty stomach I drink 16 ounces – I feel hydrated, replenished, my stomach gives me Zero problems. I have not had to take any digestive enzymes for a few months now. I don’t experience any stomach acid issues anymore. I feel energized. These past few months have taken me back to a level of health that I missed for a few years. I wait 15-20 minutes after drinking my celery juice before I put anything else in my stomach. I find that @costco@sanramonfarmersmarket@danvillefarmersmarket and @wholefoodshas the best selection of celery and keeps me going throughout all the seasons thus far. Now if we could just find a self cleaning juicing machine….and btw the Zelda pint glass is optional, tho our 9 year old would argue otherwise 😉 #celeryjuice#16ouncesaday @medicalmedium#changinglives #fixinghealth#restoringhealth #guthealth #hydration#yummy #healthyhabits #farmersmarket#freshproduce #5minutesaday