Health Shots

Some days you’re too busy to head to the juicery or Whole Foods and you instead go to @target because toilet paper and paper towels are the priority. What is this wizardry I found tonight as I was lamenting over my lack of time – the very thing I needed! A digestion and a detox shot – (like how the digestion one is already empty)!?!? Organic, clean, raw – and when you swipe to the next pic you can see the listed ingredients to make sure they fit where you are in your AIP journey 🙌🏻 #digestion #detox #sogoodsoyou#tasty #getinmybelly#ahealthygutisahappygut #guthealth#loveyoutarget #targetismyfavorite #fate#affordable #clean #aipcommunity#keepitclean

Date Night In

What is this wizardry? @pratherranchmeatco roast, organic Brussels spouts fried up in coconut oil and no, it’s not mashed potatoes 🥔 it’s mashed turnips made with a touch of pure coconut cream and some sea salt. My only regret is that I didn’t have room for seconds 😉 Date night in – and next is some sparkling water served up in wine glasses, because we’re fancy like that😉 😂 and one last thank you to @target for the super cute Halloween table cloth 👻 🎃

Sometimes the best date nights are spent at home with the cleanest, and most delicious food to enjoy!!