Clean and Hydrating Lotions

Massages and Mani- Pedi struggles are real – I finally found a clean lotion that my massage therapist says is great for massages – and the bonus is that it’s skin firming too @andalounaturals – and @acureorganics your ultra hydrating lotion is perfect for pedicures and manicures – and the ultra hydrating makes my feet and hands baby soft ❤ So don’t fret none my gluten intolerant friends, you can still indulge and enjoy some self care and stay clean! #keepitclean #aip #massage #selfcare

AIP: Detox shower for better sleep

Ever have a hard time falling asleep? I found this fresh lavender @traderjoes for $3 and made my own spa shower at home 😉. I also put a cup of epsom salt in the bath and I slept better than I had in months. You know how important good sleep is for healing, so I hope this helps you as well! If you don’t like lavender maybe try orange, lemon, rosemary, or even eucalyptus branches!#selfcare #aipcommunity#autoimmunedisease #aip #lavenderlove#detoxbath