Cauliflower Fried Rice

This cauliflower fried rice was on point! Browned up some pieces of@kellercrafted bacon then sauté carrots, zucchini, and cauliflower with a tablespoon of coconut aminos. I have incorporated eggs back to my diet, but if you haven’t this dish is still amazing! #aipcommunity#aip #organic #clean #paleo #whole30#nomnomnom #cauliflowerrice

AIP: Pea in a pod, pod in a cast.. podcast!

Tim and I Listened to a podcast with Robb Wolf and Dr Ruscio regarding gut health about a week ago. It really resonated with me because both men have dealt with similar health issues to me – parasites, thyroid, using Paleo to fix health, etc. This book is informative and offers The Great- in – 8 action plan which is brilliant. I appreciate how it is acknowledged that one plan doesn’t fit all – that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone, that small tweaks and modifications can make it work for You! @amazon has this stocked. I highly recommend this for anyone struggling to get their gut health restored. #guthealth#gutbacteria #healthylifestyle#aipcommunity