Clean and Hydrating Lotions

Massages and Mani- Pedi struggles are real – I finally found a clean lotion that my massage therapist says is great for massages – and the bonus is that it’s skin firming too @andalounaturals – and @acureorganics your ultra hydrating lotion is perfect for pedicures and manicures – and the ultra hydrating makes my feet and hands baby soft ❤ So don’t fret none my gluten intolerant friends, you can still indulge and enjoy some self care and stay clean! #keepitclean #aip #massage #selfcare

Quick and Easy Breakfast!

Easy breakfast! Take 1/3 cup chia seed and grind up in a coffee grinder – add hot water to make it an oatmeal consistency – add in some chopped dates – sprinkle with cinnamon – feel free to add in some fresh wild blueberries – we added in pine nuts which works when you’re past that reintroduction phase. I also added in a teaspoon of coconut oil – and some of our friends chose Ghee. Possibilities are endless!!! #breakfast #chia #organic #aip

Cauliflower Fried Rice

This cauliflower fried rice was on point! Browned up some pieces of@kellercrafted bacon then sauté carrots, zucchini, and cauliflower with a tablespoon of coconut aminos. I have incorporated eggs back to my diet, but if you haven’t this dish is still amazing! #aipcommunity#aip #organic #clean #paleo #whole30#nomnomnom #cauliflowerrice

Nightshade Free Salsa

Nightshade free salsa, recipe courtesy of @jumpfitnessnow . It’s totally amazing and I bet Kat’s perfect avocado 🥑 would taste phenomenal with this stuffed in it 😉  🙌🏻 The fresh cilantro makes my mouth happy and my body is enjoying all the health benefits from it too 💕 hooray for Salsa 💃🏽 #organic#nightshadefree #cilantro #foodprep

AIP: Taste the Rainbow … with veggies!

No filter necessary for my Farmers Market rainbow 🌈 of Foods! One of the most crucial parts of restoring and maintaining gut health (a strong microbiome) is eating a variety of foods. Fiber rich probiotics, probiotics – clean, organic fruits veggies and meats (if you eat animal protein ). A goal of mine is to rotate foods – taking advantage of seasonal finds and making sure I get different root veggies in each week. With summer around the corner I’m excited to get my 10 year old into “owning” her nutrition by taking part in Farmers Market trips, cooking with me and planning out her summer menu each week. It’s a reminder to me that we eat better when we take ownership and have pride in our kitchen creations! It’s also a reminder that when school is in session time runs short and mom does all the cooking and dictates meals… So, cheers to your 🌈 of Foods and getting your loved ones involved in the process of eating healthy and loving every minute of it 🙌🏻❤👌🏻#organic #rainbow #microbiome#guthealth