Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Wrapped up our family vacation with some #fsm Frequency specific Microcurrent. The possibilities are endless with what you can treat. Our friend @alex.margolin was kind enough to hook me up to his three machines and focus in on the things he felt would do the most good for me. I spent a few hours before dinner focusing on spine health, histamines, liver detoxing and a few other frequencies. Then before bed I was hooked up to hit EBV – because you all know my battle to completely eradicate that from my system. #igotthis Long story short I felt the fsm doing its work during both sessions and I feel even more amazing today. Honestly considering taking the training course for fsm and seeing what good I can put into the world with it! Cheers to an open mind that brings new experiences and more ways to foster great health ❤🙌🏻 #healthy #openmind #aip#naturalremedies