Omega Wave Machine

A lot of you ask us about getting fitness back into your lives. Autoimmune disease can make it super challenging, sometimes just keeping up with life feels like a workout. My friend @alex.margolin owns Sun Valley Fitness and has an @omegawave machine. This morning he hooked me up to the machine and 4 minutes later I had an amazing read out. It’s a super effective way to see where your health and fitness is at and a valuable tool for your trainer/coach to know what exactly your body can handle. I was super excited to see my reading as it was another confirmation of my solid health and level of fitness. All good things concerning the Omega Wave. If you’re near @ketchumidaho look up Alex or google search where you live to find a gym that has this machine. 🙌🏻 #fitness#autoimmunedisease #aip #healthy