AI Awareness – Celiac Disease

Hello AIP Community!

I’m not one to reinvent the wheel, here’s our post about Celiac Disease from our Instagram account. ūüôā

  • aipcommunityAI Awareness Monday- let’s talk Celiac Disease. For years and years I was told that unless I Tested positive for Celiacs, it was ok to eat gluten. I guess some doctors think feeling like ūüí© for 1-3 months after ingesting gluten is ok? So now NCGS and NCWS are named and recognized, and I still get flack from people that just don’t get it. When I go to restaurants or even get a massage or pedicure I make sure the food is gluten free, the lotions and oils don’t have gluten from Vitamin E in them (I generally bring my lotions with me). When asked if I’m allergic I respond YES because being sick for at least a month is not worth the risk. What does being “glutened” mean to me? Severe inflammation, crippling back pain, IBS, up to 5#s¬†of bloat just in the abdomen, puffy eyes, headaches, insomnia – just to name a few. So my heart goes out to those of you batting Celiacs. I’m sure AIP is a great source of relief for you.¬†#celiacs#celiacsdisease¬†#glutenintolerant#wheatintolerant¬†#aiplife¬†#aipcommunity#aipliving¬†#everydayisagoodday#glutensucksanyways¬†#nobandaids#youknowyourbody¬†#guthealth#organiceverything¬†#listentoyourbody#detoxifyyourlife¬†#naturopathicmedicine

Anti-Inflammatory help – FISH OIL

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All good things about this fish oil by Apex Energetics. ¬†It keeps your Omega 3s and 6s in balance and greatly reduces inflammation. ¬†I set it up next to the rubber ducky unicorn, because to me, it’s equally as magical!

When my inflammation was super high I took 2 tablespoons in the morning, and 2 before bed.  Now that things are better, I take 1 tablespoon in the morning right after I drink my 2 cups of freshly juiced organic celery.


Fitness Friday – Let’s Walk

Hello Friends, the message is simple, take it back to basics and walk a bit. ¬†Up and down a hallway, around the house, around the neighborhood, at a park, on the beach, at the mall–don’t worry about distance, set a goal to walk for time. ¬†Breathe deeply and enjoy!

POSE Running Tips – click HERE



We’re going camping – what can we eat?

The good news is that my little one eats gluten and dairy free (she’s Paleo-ish) and Tim and I eat AIP, so this little post will help both our Baby Steppers and our Cold Turkey AIP’rs !

Here’s what I bought ~

Produce (Organic is best if your budget allows it. ¬†If not, you can find herbacide and pesticide free produce at Farmer’s Markets that are presumably a healthier choice) ¬† Celery Hearts, Baby Carrots, mangoes, green & red apples, apricots, 5# of various Squash.

Meats – 1 rack of Pork Ribs, 3# of Chicken Breasts, 1 package turkey breakfast sausage, organic turkey hot dogs (Paleo – paprika makes it NOT AIP)

AIP treats – Emmy’s coconut cookies

Smores for the kiddos – (These are NOT AIP, and if you’re staying strict paleo, just have the dark chocolate) ¬†Gluten & Dairy free graham crackers, gluten free organic marshmallows, Dark Chocolate 70% or higher

Paleo ¬†snacks – Justin’s single serving almond butter, EPIC Bars, Turkey sticks (have paprika so they’re not AIP) ¬†Grainless Granola you can eat it dry or put it in some almond milk!

AIP Snacks – Plantain chips – Terra chips are cooked in coconut Oil, Yah! ¬†Tiger Nuts, NO they’re not nuts, they’re little tubers! ¬†boom! ¬†Organic Raisins.

Aside from water, we packed dark chocolate Almond Milk  & almond milk for Ash Рsingle servings and they do not require refrigeration.


Displaying camping 3.jpg

Fired Up the Grill and cooked up the chicken.  Seasoned with Olive Oil, Garlic Salt & sea salt.  Delicious!Displaying camping2.jpg

Heat that oven to 375.  Line a glass Pyrex with parchment paper, season the underside of the ribs with sea salt & garlic salt, turn over, put the same seasoning on top and coat in Coconut aminos.  Bake for 60 minutes.  it is Divine!Displaying camping6.jpg

A cleaner version of S’mores, grainless granola, and some dairy free milk alternatives.Displaying camping4.jpg

Cooked up the turkey sausage, and the 5#s of various squashDisplaying camping5.jpg

Tiger nuts, (they make a flour too for baking), Turkey dogs, plantains, raisins, Epic Bars, Justin’s Nut Butter, Coconut cookies… yum!Displaying camping1.jpg

Celery, Carrots, Mangoes, Apricots, Green & Red Apples…fab-u-lous!

It took Ashleigh and me 1 hour to hit 2 stores, and then I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes getting everything ready for our trip – 3 days of food prepped and ready to go in 1 1/2 hours.

Enjoy these little tips for clean camping!


Autoimmune friendly workout 7.21.2017

Go outside and enjoy this workout Рtake a yoga mat with you for the ab work.  You kiddos can join in on the fun too!  Be well!

Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! ¬†Do a little something to get active today. ¬†Listen to your body, check out the 3 levels, and workout according to YOUR needs. ¬†Pay attention to your form and make sure you’re doing it correctly ūüôā


21 day Hormone Reset for Stubborn Weight Loss

Happy Hump Day, friends.  I see my post regarding weight loss on IG and FB caused quite the stir and had many of you asking for more info!

The book I am quoting from is called The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried, MD.

When I decided to add this to my AIP journey, I saw immediate weight loss results. ¬†Truth be told, it was only the first 3 of 7 items to eliminate that I had to erase. ¬†1. ¬†Red Meat, 2. Sugar, 3. ¬†Fruit, 4. Caffeine, 5. Grains, 6. ¬†Dairy, 7 Toxins. ¬†So rejoice my fellow AIP friends…you’ve nailed all but 4 straight out the gate!

Key points – limit your carb intake to 49 grams or less a day.

Erase one item from the list (in order given) each day for 21 days.  So days 1-3 no red meat, while continuing that for the remaining 18 days,  erase Sugar days 4-6, then fruit days 7-10, so on and so forth.  The items continue to stay out the duration of the 21 days.

What do you mean “Toxins?” ¬† Well, for many of my female friends, this is not going to make me popular in your eyes. ¬†It means your shampoo/conditioner, detangler, dry shampoo, styling products, cosmetics, lotions, body wash, nail polish, laundry detergent, cleaning agents. etc. ¬†It was a super sad day when I called MAC and discovered my primer was full of wheat, corn, rice and toxic chemicals. ¬†$300 worth of makeup down the drain, but what a relief to learn that ELF cosmetics is one of the cleanest around and you can get it at Target for a few dollars. ¬†Roll with the punches and celebrate the daily steps of cleaning out your cabinets!

It’s important to note that everyone’s results vary. ¬†What Autoimmune disease are you battling? ¬†Is your problem a simple Leptin imbalance/resistance, (in which case the fruitless stage will reset it for you)? Have you become insulin resistant? ¬†Pre-diabetic? Do you suffer from PCOS or other hormone related problems? ¬†Are you eating things that are keeping the weight on, like inadvertently getting hidden gluten in foods? ¬†Consuming too many carbs? ¬†Too much fruit?

Grab a copy of this book and give it your all for 21 days. Seriously, 3 weeks friends. ¬†That’s not asking a lot!

You can click on the Nutrition tab on our page to learn more about going Paleo and AIP.

Keep it Clean,

Kat & Lori