Eat All The Colors

No filter necessary for my Farmers Market rainbow 🌈 of Foods! One of the most crucial parts of restoring and maintaining gut health (a strong microbiome) is eating a variety of foods. Fiber rich probiotics, probiotics – clean, organic fruits veggies and meats (if you eat animal protein ). A goal of mine is to rotate foods – taking advantage of seasonal finds and making sure I get different root veggies in each week. With summer around the corner I’m excited to get my 10 year old into “owning” her nutrition by taking part in Farmers Market trips, cooking with me and planning out her summer menu each week. It’s a reminder to me that we eat better when we take ownership and have pride in our kitchen creations! It’s also a reminder that when school is in session time runs short and mom does all the cooking and dictates meals… So, cheers to your 🌈 of Foods and getting your loved ones involved in the process of eating healthy and loving every minute of it 🙌🏻❤👌🏻#organic #rainbow#microbiome #guthealth

Instagram & a new recipe you’ll love

Hello AIP Community!

If you’re on IG, please follow us @aipcommunity.   Kat and I have started doing daily posts to a theme that will carry week to week on IG…

Monday – Autoimmune Awareness Monday – each week we will focus on one of 100 AI diseases and their signs/symptoms

Tuesday – Take me Shopping Tuesday -or- Toxic Tuesday – you’ll either learn about amazing deals on AIP items, or learn about something Toxic that should be avoided on a daily basis

Wednesday – New Read Wednesday – books and articles you should check out

Thursday – Take Time for Yourself Thursday – little ideas and a reminder to take some YOU time and nourish your spirit and soul!

Friday – Food Friday – or – Fitness Friday  Each week you’ll just have to check in and see what’s going on

Saturday – Self Care Saturday – Amazing tips on toxin free products, dry brushing, etc.

Sunday – Spiritual Sunday – whether you are religious or spiritual, take time and reconnect to something bigger than you.  Meditation, prayer, positive reinforcement, maybe even a nap to recharge…today’s the day to make time!

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Check back Friday for an ahhhhmazing AIP “ranch” dressing.  I almost hate calling it AIP Ranch, because it’s so much more than that…and I kinda want to eat it on a spoon as I type this.   I LOVE that healthy food tastes divine too!

Keep it Clean,

Kat & Lori