Omega Wave Machine

A lot of you ask us about getting fitness back into your lives. Autoimmune disease can make it super challenging, sometimes just keeping up with life feels like a workout. My friend @alex.margolin owns Sun Valley Fitness and has an @omegawave machine. This morning he hooked me up to the machine and 4 minutes later I had an amazing read out. It’s a super effective way to see where your health and fitness is at and a valuable tool for your trainer/coach to know what exactly your body can handle. I was super excited to see my reading as it was another confirmation of my solid health and level of fitness. All good things concerning the Omega Wave. If you’re near @ketchumidaho look up Alex or google search where you live to find a gym that has this machine. 🙌🏻 #fitness#autoimmunedisease #aip #healthy

Fitness Friday – Burpee Challenge 30 days of feeling good~

Hello AIP Community,

It’s time for a 30 day fitness challenge – it’s one movement and it can be done in addition to your workouts.

Today you will set the clock as follows

Level 1 – 1 minute

Level 2 – 2 minutes

Level 3 – 3 minutes

Do as many burpees as you can in the time for your level.  Write that # down.  Each day add 2 burpees to that #.  So if today, you get 10 burpees, tomorrow you do 12, then next day 14, and so on!

Watch the video for form and scaling!

Keep moving to keep moving, friends!


Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  Do a little something to get active today.  Listen to your body, check out the 3 levels, and workout according to YOUR needs.  Pay attention to your form and make sure you’re doing it correctly 🙂