AIP: Dolled Up & Cleaned Up

I found a clean makeup line that I’m really liking @pacificabeauty. Cleaning up my makeup hasn’t been easy, but after reading and listening to many of Podcast and articles, I knew it had to happen. I attached a podcast that I really like from @onairwithella. She lists a number of brands like @vapourbeauty that are clean and still work well! @thinkdirty@environmentalworkinggroup are two great apps to help with the process, and if you want to cry about tossing your fav 💄we are here to listen. 😫#aipcommunity#cleanmakeup #cheerstoyourhealth#autoimmunepaleo #detox #cleanliving

AIP: Take Me Shopping

@andalounaturals has been one of my favorite clean beauty brands and is a “3” on the @thinkdirty app. I’ve been on a mission to keep all products in my house below a three on the @environmentalworkinggroup and I love how my skin looks without breaking the bank! Just checked @thrivemkt and it is only $10 for the win! Cheers to your health!
#aipcommunity #skindeep #cleanbeauty#autoimmunepaleo #autoimmunedisease#cheerstoyourhealth