Thyroid Healing

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ūüĆüWhat are you reading Wednesday‚ú®@medicalmedium has released his third book, Thyroid Healing. I pre-ordered it months ago on @Amazon. This time of year has us pretty, crazy¬†ūüėúbusy keeping up with the little one‚Äôs activities, holidays, etc. So last night I stayed up late and made it to chapter 5. If I were back in my twenties I would have stayed up all night and read it cover to cover¬†ūüďĖūü핬†I can only¬†share with you how taking Anthony‚Äôs advice and following his recommendations has helped me tremendously. How I‚Äôm now going on 2 months without any thyroid support and am thriving. Autoimmune Protocol, anti virals, clean supplements, daily exercise, daily meditations – the blessing is that my Hashimoto‚Äôs is in ‚Äúremission.‚ÄĚ I will have more bloodwork done early 2018 to make sure all my numbers are still where they should be, but I can tell you this, I feel great and I‚Äôm not suffering from any thyroid symptoms that have plagued me for years. It was a leap of faith, but everything I‚Äôve read and am now reading in this new book resonates with me, or my mom, or a friend, or a friend‚Äôs patient. The lack of instant gratification proved challenging, but as stated before, things take time. I encourage you to read this book if you‚Äôre suffering from any type of thyroid issue, keep an open mind, and see if your intuition guides you down a slightly different path. Our guts control our health, right? So let your ‚Äúgut instinct‚ÄĚ give you some help towards healing along the way! Sending all the positivity,¬†ūüíē¬†love, meditative energy and prayers¬†ūüôŹūüŹľto our AIP Community! You‚Äôre on the right track and everything is possible!¬†#heal¬†#healthedocumentary#thyroid¬†#hashimotosremission¬†#medicalmedium#coloidalsilver¬†#antivirals¬†#keepitclean#hopeyoucandoit¬†#aipcommunity¬†#aipworks¬†#paleo#antiinflammatory¬†#thyroidhealing¬†#ebv#epsteinbarrvirus¬†#candida¬†#guthealth¬†#gutinstinct#intuition¬†#eatrealfood¬†#leapoffaith

Fitness Friday, what’s a Grasshopper?


Hi AIP Community! ¬†Happy Friday! ¬†This week I’ve really tried to mix things up with my workouts because my stomach and energy are not 100%…perhaps the 10 weeks of constant running around over summer has caught up? ¬†My system is OFF and I’m feeling lousy, but I need to keep moving. ¬†SO no, I’m not pregnant, I’m inflamed – what a GREAT T-shirt idea, huh? ¬†copyright Coach Lori ūüôā

So this week I did the WOD (workout of the day) at my gym, Tuesday, we went for a hike and that was my workout. ¬†Wednesday I did the WOD at my gym, and Thursday I walked a few miles then did a 3×8 overhead squat at 105# and decided I was DONE. ¬†So below is my Friday workout, that I wrote for all of YOU! ¬†I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Be Well!


When your child displays Autoimmune symptoms

So this topic is one I hold close to my heart. ¬†At age 2 1/2 we took our daughter off gluten to see if it would help with her bowel withholding. ¬†Note that 7 years ago I was not gluten free, and I didn’t have much understanding as to what it was, or why we should eliminate it from her diet. ¬† What’s bowel withholding? ¬†In short, sometimes Ash would hold in her poop for upwards of a week, and then when she could no longer hold it she would scream bloody murder, it was an extremely painful experience until the next time. ¬†I would worry that a neighbor would call the police – it hurt her that badly and she screamed that loudly.

So back to gluten removal – I took her off breads and crackers and all the things little kids love. ¬†I learned quickly how to make gluten free things and buy pre-made gluten free items. ¬†Again, I didn’t realize that the sugars, corn, rice, etc. used in gluten free products was bad back then.

Ash did much better, and between the gluten free living, and my making up bathroom songs like “Pooping is fun,” ¬†” I love to poop,” and Bye Bye Turds,” she was able to get to every other day bowel movements. ¬†A huge improvement, and it helped us avoid all the invasive, terrifying testing her Dr wanted to do. ¬†I was pleased with the progress, and she was no longer scared to poop.

Personally, I went back and forth to gluten free and gluten full – and when I went 100% Paleo, Ash was 5. ¬†I finally understood nutrition and ¬†I worked tirelessly to make foods that she enjoyed in a healthier version. ¬†Every birthday party she attended I sent her with paleo cake, and paleo pizza (or whatever food the other kids were eating). ¬†Seriously, I did. ¬†When her father and I divorced, she ate healthy with me and crappy with him. ¬†I could always tell when she had gluten because she’d get pink circles under her eyes, and cough and wheeze all night and have IBS. ¬†Her clothes would fit on Friday when she went to her dads, and when she came home Sunday, she couldn’t button her pants. ¬†(keep in mind, she’s 5 at this point). ¬†Finally through a court order he had to keep her gluten free, and to the best of his knowledge he did, not realizing soy sauce, chicken broth and other basic items usually have wheat in them. ¬†So the struggle continued.

When Ash was in 2nd grade she developed cold uticaria – meaning if she got too cold she’d would be covered in hives. ¬†She was in the nurses office 3-4 times a week during school. ¬†It was AWFUL and no one could tell me what was happening. ¬†Kaiser did a blood panel and said she was fine. ¬†Obviously she was not. ¬†I pleaded with her doctor to do something, and he said to try taking dairy out of her diet. ¬†We did, and amazingly enough, she started doing really well. ¬†So my 7 year old is gluten and dairy intolerant, we can handle this. ¬†But WHY is my child having such issues? ¬†And why are the hives not completely gone?

Ash is now 9 1/2. ¬†Her health is a battle. ¬†She has all the signs of hypoglycemia, her weight is constantly fluctuating, no matter how much she sleeps she’s fatigued, her hives came back this summer and her mood is all over the place too. ¬†She reminds me of me when I was diagnosed with a thyroid issue. ¬† The need to get a hold on whatever is going on before she hits puberty is crucial, and I find that her health is the #1 cause of stress in my life. ¬†I research, and spend hours cooking for her, removing toxins from her life, keeping her childhood as normal as can be.

So today, I emailed my NP and asked if we should do a blood draw and check her thyroid and other key markers to look for autoimmune disease, namely thyroid. ¬†And then I sent Kat a text and I told her that I just emailed my NP and asked what we should test Ash for – Thyroid, fasting glucose, etc. and that I felt Bananas about it. ¬†I was reading what I was writing and felt like an idiot – and I KNOW about all these health issues…and I STILL felt this way. ¬†And Kat text me back and it was this moment of clarity….see the text below:

This text exchange is a reminder that

1. We need to be proactive and work with NPs when MDs don’t get us answers. ¬†Find the WHY – no band aids!

2. ¬†Even thought we LIVE with Autoimmune diseases and KNOW what we’re feeling and suffering through, we sometimes feel crazy saying it out loud – because our illness is sometimes less visible, and not everyone is sympathetic or even believing what you are saying.

3. ¬†We can’t let fear keep us from getting answers, and finding out what’s happening – the ostrich head in the sand wont help your child.

4.  We need to respect the fact that we know our children better than anyone, and truly are the only ones that can make a difference for them.

5.  Catching issues sooner than later is best Рstop things before a bigger problem emerges

The crappy Microbiome I was born with, was certainly passed on to my daughter, and I’ll do all I can to help restore better gut health to her and prevent any larger issues from arising. ¬†Talking about children and their health issues is never fun, or easy, but in this case I felt it was necessary. ¬†I hope this message from the heart helps.



MTHFR Gene Defect

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Hello AIP Community,

Have you heard of the MTHFR gene mutation? ¬†Kat has, and Lori hasn’t. ¬†After discovering she in fact has this, Kat wanted to share this information with all of you to raise awareness, and maybe help you understand why certain things are happening to you and your health.

¬†“An MTHFR mutation is a¬†problem associated with poor methylation and enzyme production. MTHFR mutations affect every person differently, sometimes contributing to hardly any noticeable symptoms at all, while¬†other times leading to serious, long-term health problems.” – Dr. Axe

It is estimated that 45% of people suffer from a MTHFR defect, which causes gene deficiencies.  This leads to poor cellular health, hormonal imbalances, decreased immune function and mitochondrial dysfunction.

This crappy gene inhibits Glutathione production, which makes you more vulnerable to toxins.  The accumulation of these toxins leads to disease and premature aging.

What are some things we can do to battle this mutation?
  • consume more leafy greens, asparagus, romaine lettuce, broccoli, avocado and bright fruits to boost Natural Folate, b6 and b12!
  • treat leaky gut
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • heart health – work on it, keep up those natural supplements and AIP foods
  • detox – Lori uses her Bulletproof coconut charcoal relgiously
  • Sleep

Knowing is half the battle – this is certainly something worth knowing when you’re battling autoimmune diseases. ¬†I know I’m emailing my Dr now to test for this gene during my September bloodwork!

Keep it clean! ~Lori


We’re going camping – what can we eat?

The good news is that my little one eats gluten and dairy free (she’s Paleo-ish) and Tim and I eat AIP, so this little post will help both our Baby Steppers and our Cold Turkey AIP’rs !

Here’s what I bought ~

Produce (Organic is best if your budget allows it. ¬†If not, you can find herbacide and pesticide free produce at Farmer’s Markets that are presumably a healthier choice) ¬† Celery Hearts, Baby Carrots, mangoes, green & red apples, apricots, 5# of various Squash.

Meats – 1 rack of Pork Ribs, 3# of Chicken Breasts, 1 package turkey breakfast sausage, organic turkey hot dogs (Paleo – paprika makes it NOT AIP)

AIP treats – Emmy’s coconut cookies

Smores for the kiddos – (These are NOT AIP, and if you’re staying strict paleo, just have the dark chocolate) ¬†Gluten & Dairy free graham crackers, gluten free organic marshmallows, Dark Chocolate 70% or higher

Paleo ¬†snacks – Justin’s single serving almond butter, EPIC Bars, Turkey sticks (have paprika so they’re not AIP) ¬†Grainless Granola you can eat it dry or put it in some almond milk!

AIP Snacks – Plantain chips – Terra chips are cooked in coconut Oil, Yah! ¬†Tiger Nuts, NO they’re not nuts, they’re little tubers! ¬†boom! ¬†Organic Raisins.

Aside from water, we packed dark chocolate Almond Milk  & almond milk for Ash Рsingle servings and they do not require refrigeration.


Displaying camping 3.jpg

Fired Up the Grill and cooked up the chicken.  Seasoned with Olive Oil, Garlic Salt & sea salt.  Delicious!Displaying camping2.jpg

Heat that oven to 375.  Line a glass Pyrex with parchment paper, season the underside of the ribs with sea salt & garlic salt, turn over, put the same seasoning on top and coat in Coconut aminos.  Bake for 60 minutes.  it is Divine!Displaying camping6.jpg

A cleaner version of S’mores, grainless granola, and some dairy free milk alternatives.Displaying camping4.jpg

Cooked up the turkey sausage, and the 5#s of various squashDisplaying camping5.jpg

Tiger nuts, (they make a flour too for baking), Turkey dogs, plantains, raisins, Epic Bars, Justin’s Nut Butter, Coconut cookies… yum!Displaying camping1.jpg

Celery, Carrots, Mangoes, Apricots, Green & Red Apples…fab-u-lous!

It took Ashleigh and me 1 hour to hit 2 stores, and then I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes getting everything ready for our trip – 3 days of food prepped and ready to go in 1 1/2 hours.

Enjoy these little tips for clean camping!


Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! ¬†Do a little something to get active today. ¬†Listen to your body, check out the 3 levels, and workout according to YOUR needs. ¬†Pay attention to your form and make sure you’re doing it correctly ūüôā


Welcome, Friends to the Autoimmune Protocol Community!

Welcome to the AIPCommunity!


Welcome to our Autoimmune Protocol Community!

We are so happy to share with all of you the combined years of knowledge we’ve gained and implemented while battling our autoimmune diseases. ¬†We can’t wait to share ideas on nutrition, detoxifying, exercise, recipes, resources, meditation, essential oils, shopping tips, cosmetics, cleaning products, building your support network and so much more! ¬† We’re just getting started on this amazing journey with you, make sure to subscribe and check back daily for more great tips and tricks to get you back to health and wellness!

Keep it Clean,

 Kat & Lori