Bru Bone Broth

@costco had this Bru bone broth. It comes in four flavors, and they’re all amazing! Note the beef one has cayenne pepper so it’s a reintroduction broth (only if you’re good with peppers 🌶). Although I enjoy making new variants of bone broth at home each week, I’m always appreciative of a clean, easily accessible bone broth! After sampling all 4 and reading each label we bought 1 of each. Super delicious 😋 and I can’t wait to get to my breakfast today which includes of 1.5 cups of bone broth ☕️ #guthealing#slothapproved #bonebroth #keepitclean#everythingorganic

Roasted Parsnips

Sunday Food Prep! Roasted parsnip with garlic, rosemary and a drizzle of olive oil! @jumpfitnessnow has this amazing snack down for me this week 🙌🏻 can’t wait to eat it tomorrow 😋 Let your goals outweigh your excuses, you got this! #parsnips #organic#foodprep #healthyfood

Work Toward Your Goals

A year off of all thyroid treatments and you know what I got? Healthy! For my 41st birthday I went to Kaiser for my blood work and annual thyroid ultrasound. Tuesday my Dr and I met and long story short the only thing left in my record is seasonal allergies 🙌🏻 no Hashimotos, or hypothyroidism- not even high cholesterol (and you know I live on coconut oil) 😉 So here I am feeling less like a sickly middle aged woman and more like a fine wine getting better with age. December 19th I made some additional food reintroductions – coming completely off the AIP protocol. @jumpfitnessnow is an amazing coach! The pic on the left is where I started and the one on the right is where I am now – still a work in progress, but grateful that I’m continually making progress 🙌🏻 key players in my recovery: AIP protocol, hope, 2 cups of fresh celery juice every morning @medicalmedium , daily meditations @officialdrjoedispenza , supportive friends and my amazing fiancé. The 3 year battle to regain my health has been won. Now I can focus on things like my wedding 👰🏼❤ 💍 Keep your eye on the light at the end of that tunnel, you’ve got this. Stay stubborn, focus on the CANS and don’t accept bandaids when you can fix things 🙌🏻 #healthy #aip#happybirthday #keepitclean

Super Easy and Healthy Snacks

Busy life – so grab yourself a 5# bag of organic broccoli 🥦 @costco , drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some sea salt and bake @ 350 for 22 minutes 😋 Sometimes I have to remember that I’m shorter on time than money 💵 (because daily it feels like I’m short on both) and I’ll buy already cut and prepped veggies – and honestly it’s worth it 🙌🏻 when I can find what I need and it’s organic and non-gmo I’m over the moon 🌝 excited! It’s honestly so delicious my 10 year old grabs a bowl and eats it. Starting healthy habits young is important. I know how hard I struggled at 34 to create better eating habits. If you’re gonna veggie prep, go big and get it done ✅No excuses 😉 #organic #broccoli#healthyhabits #oliveoil