Kale Chips

🌱Kale Chips are going down tonight! 🌱 I make a batch of these before dinner and my boys gobble them up. I’m lucky if I get one or two of them 😂. So easy, just a little avocado oil, good sea salt, garlic powder if you are feeling fancy. If you have reintroduced sesame seeds, I’m also a fan! Cheers to the weekend! #aipcommunity#detox #paleo #whole30 #aip #kale#nomnomnom

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of champions today! I made a screaming good batch of bone broth (chicken with hella garlic cloves- like 30) and today I added in 3 ounces of grilled chicken breast and 50g of white sweet potato 🍠 I love that feeling when I put so much nutritional goodness in my body and I can feel it saying Thank You ☺️ I hear ya with busy mornings, it’s another 7am- 11pm kinda day, so the food prep I did on Sunday once again saved me 🙌🏻 there’s only one thing to do after a breakfast this good, workout 👊🏻💪🏼🏋️‍♀️ Happy Thursday AIP Community!!! #organic #bonebroth #breakfast #garlic

Freedom Bar

Traveling a lot for work in the next couple weeks and these little bars saved the day @_freedombar or @amazon. If you have reintroduced nuts back into your diet these are a win! #aipcommunity #organic#paleo #whole30 #healthy #nomnomnom#travel https://www.freedombar.com/

Healthy Gut Healthy You

Tim and I Listened to a podcast with Robb Wolf and Dr Ruscio regarding gut health about a week ago. It really resonated with me because both men have dealt with similar health issues to me – parasites, thyroid, using Paleo to fix health, etc. This book is informative and offers The Great- in – 8 action plan which is brilliant. I appreciate how it is acknowledged that one plan doesn’t fit all – that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone, that small tweaks and modifications can make it work for You! @amazon has this stocked. I highly recommend this for anyone struggling to get their gut health restored. #guthealth#gutbacteria #healthylifestyle#aipcommunity

AIP: Dolled Up & Cleaned Up

I found a clean makeup line that I’m really liking @pacificabeauty. Cleaning up my makeup hasn’t been easy, but after reading and listening to many of Podcast and articles, I knew it had to happen. I attached a podcast that I really like from @onairwithella. She lists a number of brands like @vapourbeauty that are clean and still work well! @thinkdirty@environmentalworkinggroup are two great apps to help with the process, and if you want to cry about tossing your fav 💄we are here to listen. 😫#aipcommunity#cleanmakeup #cheerstoyourhealth#autoimmunepaleo #detox #cleanliving