5 Minute Steamed Veggies

Who has 5 minutes to make some delicious veggies? 🙋🏼‍♀️🥕 🥦It’s a busy week but I love to steam up some vegetables and eat them fresh! @danvillefarmersmarketprovided some amazingly delicious organic veggies this week! I didn’t even need to sprinkle any sea salt – 5 minutes of steaming and they were perfect! 👌🏻 #eatyourveggies#steamedveggies #aip #fastandeasy

Vegetable Breakfast Bowl

Vegan 🌱 AIP breakfast bowl 🍲- but let’s keep it real, it’s delicious any time of the day 🙌🏻 today’s batch included all the @danvillefarmersmarket veggies we needed to use and a few items from @wholefoods #organic everything: parsnips, turnips, garlic, onions, yellow and green squash, spinach, brussel sprouts, green onions, 1 cup of filtered water, 1 can of pumpkin purée (note you can use organic vegetable broth too). Throw everything in a big pot, add sea salt, turmeric and bring to a boil. Then simmer with a lid on the pot for 35 minutes. Enjoy!!! 😋 #aipworks #wholefoods#keepitclean #breakfast

Quick and Easy Breakfast!

Easy breakfast! Take 1/3 cup chia seed and grind up in a coffee grinder – add hot water to make it an oatmeal consistency – add in some chopped dates – sprinkle with cinnamon – feel free to add in some fresh wild blueberries – we added in pine nuts which works when you’re past that reintroduction phase. I also added in a teaspoon of coconut oil – and some of our friends chose Ghee. Possibilities are endless!!! #breakfast #chia #organic #aip