AIP Pork Loin

AIP Pork Loin is what’s for dinner!
Side of carrots and brussels sprouts cooked in @pratherranchmeatco bacon fat 🙌🏼😍#ftw. I have always been the house that people come over to eat good food. As I went Paleo and then AIP I was so worried that people wouldn’t enjoy what I was cooking. But look at this amazing plate that was devoured tonight! I feel blessed to have found a friend like Lori, our goal is to wake up each day stronger and healthier than yesterday! If you aren’t feeling your strong self, we are here to say… You got this! #aipcommunity #aip #nomnomnom#autoimmunedisease #whole30 #paleo

Shea Moisture Clean Moisture

Loving @sheamoisture for their clean beauty line. My hair needed a little extra #selfcare this weekend. I’m always looking for amazing products without parabens and sulfates. Share your favorite beauty products with us! #aipcommunity#ewg #cleanbeauty #keepitsimple#autoimmunedisease

Self-sustaining Restaurants

Loving how many restaurants are growing their own veggies now! Had an amazing salad with lettuce from their garden with some chicken on top #farmtotable#aipcommunity #eatyourveggies#autoimmunedisease #aip #thyroid#nomnomnom

AIP: For clean, activated teeth

🤩Natural Teeth Whitening 🤩

I just started using this activated charcoal to whiten my teeth. Cleaning up my beauty routine hasn’t been simple, but I get excited when I find a cool new product like this one. #aipcommunity#autoimmunedisease #cleanbeauty #clean #yougotthis #activatedcharcoal

Liposomal Glutathione

I’ve been taking this for two months now – I’m a firm believer in trying it out for a while before sharing. @designsforhealth has made this “antioxidant formula using liposomal technology for superior absorption and delivery.” Why did I jump at the chance to try this? I immediately thought of the #MTHFR mutation that makes absorption of supplements and detoxifying more difficult. Then my liver damage from parasites. The need to detox while battling #candida. Glutathione is so imperative, and if I’m taking the time and spending the money on it I want to know my body is absorbing and utilizing it to its’ full potential. These past few months have shown much promise as blood test results all show I’m headed in the right direction. All good things when it comes to this supplement. 😍 #detox #liverdamage#parasites #hashimotos#digestivedysfunction #aminoacids#liposomalglutathione #GSH#deaignsforhealth #dnaprotection#thyroidhealth #heavymetaldetoxing#mthfrwarriors


To Answer more Questions about it from all of you:

  1.  What is the purpose of Glutathione (GSH) ? -Glutathione is viewed as the bodies master antioxidant and it is most abundant in our liver making it  critical in the bodies detoxification process. The depletion of Glutathione can be correlated with lower immune function and increased vulnerability to infection. Glutathione plays a major role in controlling the types of bonds formed between proteins and other substances in your body.
  2. What does it do for the body?- Some of the physiological functions of Glutathione are that is it responsible for redox and nucleophilic reactions that seen in the detoxification process. GSH has also been associated with assisting in combating cancer, atherosclerosis, as well as the aging process through preventing chronic low dose exposure to POPs to global hypomethylation.  GSH plays a role in cell-cycle and stress oxidation regulation, as well as contributes to the mitochondrial function within our cells.
  3. How does it relate to Glutamine? Glutamine is an amino acid that is naturally created within the body, while Glutathione is made of three different amino acids within the body. Glutathione is correlated with detoxification and anti aging while Glutamine is correlated with immune system, brain function and digestive system.
  4. Why is this all important for auto immune diseases/disorders? Glutathione is a powerful defense against toxins and inflammation. It protects the body’s cells from damage, it helps detoxify the body, and supports optimal immune function.When Glutathione levels drop too low, this makes you more susceptible to autoimmune disease, multiple food sensitivities, chemical and heavy metal sensitivities, chronic inflammatory disorders, leaky gut, and other immune-related issues. Chronic stress, environmental toxins, diets low in nutrients but high in inflammatory triggers, sleep deprivation, smoking, sugar, excess alcohol, and other stressors slowly deplete glutathione levels. Glutathione levels also decrease naturally as a result of aging.