AIP: Onion salt and Kale chips!

Thanks Lori for finding this great AIP friendly seasoning¬†@traderjoes! Just made some amazing kale chips with a splash of ūü•Ď oil and this onion salt. This was all that was left after my family got to these puppies!#aipcommunity¬†#kalechips¬†#kaleyeah#cheerstoyourhealth¬†#keepitclean#nomnomnom

Hot Stone Himalayan Salt Massage

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Happy 2018 to our AIP Community.¬† Kat and I and our families were busy enjoying the holidays and then passing around the flu – so we’re sorry we’ve been MIA for a bit!

I wanted to post about the massage I just had today at Elements Massage in San Ramon.¬† I’m told their locations across the US offer this one.

It’s a hot stone, Himalayan sea salt¬† massage and it was nothing short of amazing.¬† Janelle was my massage therapist today.¬† She did a stellar job.¬† I’m was super excited to try this because of all the anti-inflammatory properties this massage offers.¬† The hot stones made my muscles relax and for the first time I was a pliable subject!

My Skin feels super soft and my body feels 100%, and my mind and body are refreshed.

This massage has my recommendation!

*Always make sure the lotions and oils are gluten free – I checked and still brought my own lotion just in case ūüėČ


Autoimmune Awareness Monday – Vitigilo

Autoimmune Awareness Monday- Vitigilo. Skin pigment discoloration, loss of pigment, can cover large parts of the body. As of now there is no cure and many questions surrounding this disease. Let me pump my brakes just a second and point out the tie in with other AI diseases/syndromes – shine in the picture. Week after week I am seeing this during my research. Let me share another vantage point regarding Vitiligo that might resonate with you. A brilliant friend and health advocate suggested her nephew suffering from Vitiligo do a GI map test. Yeast was off the charts –¬†#candida¬†– so then she spoke with her NP friend and suggested that she have her patients with Vitiligo run the test and 100% that tested all tested positive for candida/yeast overgrowth. So some biohacking is in process. They‚Äôre following the AIP diet and on a regiment for candida and charting symptoms and progress. Personally I‚Äôll always maintain that what‚Äôs happening in our gut is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Knowing that not everything can be cured, but discomfort lessened, symptoms reduced/cleared up and in some cases bodies healed. It‚Äôs food for thought. Listen to your gut.¬†#soclich√©¬†#foodforthought#listentoyourgut¬†#vitigilo¬†#skinpigmentation#autoimmunepaleo¬†#autoimmunedisease#autoimmunepaleo¬†#yeastovergrowth¬†#candida#hashimotosdisease¬†#gravesdisease#addisonsdisease¬†#alopecia¬†#perniciousanemia#psoriasis¬†#polyglandular¬†#detox¬†#aipworks#youcontrolyourhealth¬†#yougotthis

AI Awareness – Lyme Disease


While attending family camp this weekend I met a lot of people suffering from various AI diseases. Upwards of 50% of us had dietary restrictions because of this. The kitchen staff was amazing and the camp staff had posted flyers and camp songs about ticks in every bathroom. Lyme disease was forefront on the radar and I wanted to post about it today. I only know 3 people with Lyme, and all of their experiences are different. Their treatment regiments are vastly different. One of them couldn’t find a MD that believed in Lyme Disease. One gave up hope early if ever regaining his health. One common thread for them is nutrition. Good, solid, AIP nutrition does a lot for them. Today we put Lyme Disease out there to help raise awareness.¬†#lymedisease¬†#lymewarriorūüíö¬†#aipworks#aip¬†#inflammation#beyourownadvocateforhealth¬†#guthealth#fightfatiguewithfood¬†#ticks#knowledgeispower¬†#dontgiveup

Fitness Friday – Be More Human

Hello AIP Community!

How’s the burpee challenge going? ¬†They should be getting much easier by now, and your capacity should be growing significantly!¬†

A few days ago, Tim and I took the car in for an oil change and did something out of the ordinary, we left the car there and walked to the chiropractor for our weekly tune up. ¬†What a simple idea, a little over a mile round trip, but out walking nonetheless. ¬†On the way back to get the car I felt different. ¬†There was something so nice and natural about being out walking. ¬†I felt more human. ¬†We rarely go anywhere without our car because time is such a precious thing, and our to-do lists are always pages long. ¬†But that day, we decided that we’d let it all go, and enjoy a slower paced morning and get some fresh air. ¬†It was delightful!

CrossFit lauched their “Be More Human” slogan sometime last year if I’m not mistaken, suggesting that CrossFitters get out of their boxes and go outside to play. ¬†Ski, swim, bike, run, hike, etc. ¬†I loved their message, but back when it came out I was so busy working on recovering my health, being a mommy and running our CrossFit gym, that I couldn’t find time to “Be more human.” ¬†How ironic, the one thing I needed, I was too busy for.

The goal for all of us this weekend, starting today -Fitness Friday, is to be more human.  Unplug from daily life РI said it Рleave the electronics behind for a while.  Choose from any of the following activities that will get you moving and out in the sunshine a bit:

Walking, Riding a bike, Swimming, Running, Jogging, go to a Farmers Market, Water Skiing, Rafting, wake boarding, paddle boating, row boat, play at the park with your kids, Kick a soccer ball around at the park, dance…you get where I’m going with this!

Accountability: Today I’m walking to the gym, working out, then walking to meet Kat for tea and some AIP work. ¬†Then Tim and I are taking Ashleigh to family camp, Camp Augusta, for the weekend where there is no cell signal and no where to plug in electronics…and we’re going to dance, swim, hike, play, climb, zip line, do yoga, make lip balm, etc. ¬†I’ve put it out there, and I’m sticking to it! ¬†No barbells, no Metcons, no TV, no Computer, no Pokemon Go, no work – I’m going to focus on being more human, and my wish is that you do to!

Signing off until Monday,

Coach Lori