AIP: Lunch Spotlight in Berkley: Mission Heirloom

@missionheirloom never disappoints! They have (what’s new to me) a delicious “street taco” option. AIP tortillas, your choice of meat, veggies, salsa- all with AIP options the entire way thru! I sincerely miss tacos 🌮 and I’m super satisfied and feel full of clean food. 😋 what are some of the ways you deal with food cravings and/or Foods you miss most? #aipworks#aip #aiptacos #organic everything #bonebrothtoo #weekenddate#eathealthytogether #tipsandtricks#keepitclean

AIP: Everything is Coming up Roses

Everything is coming up roses 🌹 with @andalounaturals 1000 roses cleansing foam! It’s so invigorating, I can’t wait to finish brushing my teeth first thing in the morning so I can get to washing my face!!!

My 4th grader uses it and it’s really made a difference in her skin too. Start them early with healthy habits 😘 check this one out for sure ✅ #roses #andalou #facewash#keepitclean #aipworks #aipcommunity#loveyourself #affordableskincare


AIP: I love coffee so much I want to bathe in it

Here’s a snippet of information from @dave.asprey @bulletproofemail that was sent out today – 3 things you can use coffee and/or bulletproof items for to aide with skin, hair, nails and cellulite! Who’s down for a coffee ☕ bath 🛀? 🙌🏻 pick me! Speaking of cellulite reduction, are you guys keeping up with your dry brushing? 😉 So here’s your to-do for this evening – light a few candles, dry brush for a few minutes then soak in a bulletproof coffee bath – lock the door if it ensures your break from the world!#bathtime #youtime #coffee #bulletproof#healing #lightafewcandlestoo #quiettime#solace #meditate #newroutine #yougotthis#aipworks #aipcommunity

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa aka HS is an autoimmune disease I only just became familiar with. Kat noticed on a lot of her podcasts it kept coming up- so we thought to highlight it today for Autoimmune Awareness Monday. What I found to be interesting was that many women with PCOS have HS as well. We are seeing more of what I call the AI layering effect. I was please to see that many doctors recommend cleaning up your diet to help with this as well. Isn’t that always just the common thread?

AI Awareness – Psoriasis

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Autoimmune Awareness Monday- Psoriasis. One of the most persistent and irritating skin disorders. It is often times associated with psoriatic arthritis. Different factors trigger symptoms- stress, emotional distress, certain foods and toxins. As with most Autoimmune diseases/disorders there isn’t a lot of definitive answers and cures as to the cause and treatment in the medical field. Reduction in stress, removal of toxins and removing inflammatory foods- AIP-does a lot to keep the outbreaks in check. Seeing as how our skin is the largest organ we have, today’s post reminds me how imperative it is to keep it clean – toxin free, healthy, cared for etc. Our skin is an outwardly reflection of what’s going on inside our bodies. Sending healing vibes and well wishes to our friends in the AIP Community fighting Psoriasis. You got this, keep on keeping on! #psoriasis#inflammation #healthyskin #aipcommunity#AIPworks #bekindtoyourself#nourishfromtheinsideout #skinfood#smallintestinehelp #guthealth#fightthecausenotthesymptom #yougotthis#autoimmunedisease#autoimmuneawarenessmonday

Autoimmune friendly workout 7.21.2017

Go outside and enjoy this workout – take a yoga mat with you for the ab work.  You kiddos can join in on the fun too!  Be well!