The following resources are not listed in any particular order.  We find that they are ALL important and have played a role in our road to health and recovery!

This is where Lori’s road to health started on May  15th, 2013.   What a game changer and an amazing starting point for our Baby Steppers into AIP!

Learn about Leaky Gut and how it’s the root of most, if not all health issues!  What are some easy ways to heal that gut?  Find out in this book!

Keep an open mind when you’re on the quest for better health.  Medical Medium was an amazing read that facilitated so many positive changes in health.  His 2nd book pictured above is chalked FULL of amazing information about the healing abilities of certain foods.  A must read for all those that believe that Food is Thy Medicine…

A starting point for so many of us using the AIP approach to cure/improve our AI disease/disorder.  Includes recipes and reintroduction phases.  A true gem!

The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases by [Myers M.D., Amy]

Brialliant work by Amy Meyers, M.D. She is honest and has lived the struggle and is here to share her knowledge and experiences to help you get better!  This is where we learned that it can take up to 3 months to rid your body of gluten…how crazy is that?

Kat just recommended this on our IG page!  Make the connection between gut and brain health.

Coach Lori can’t say enough good things about this one.  After roughly two years unable to lose weight from thyroid issues, this book reset her insulin and leptin and she was back in her size 6 clothing, and is still losing.  This book is fabulous!

Paleo friends, rejoice!  This cookbook is nothing short of amazing.  Once you get back to reintroducing foods and get back to Good Ol Paleo, this book is your friend!

Dave Aspry, well, he’s amazing in so many ways.  Bulletproof coffee, cannot thank him enough for that, and the awareness about molds in coffee (and molds overall and toxins ruining our health).  A fellow Biohacker and an all around honest guy.  Read his words, and check out his podcasts!

Another Dr. sharing his wisdom that goes beyond medical school text books.  Nothing is more refreshing than hearing again that our body has what it needs to heal itself.

It’s true, YOU are…and you should read this book to remind yourself how Bad-Ass you are!  Stop Doubt,Drown yourself in feelings of awesomeness and confidence!  The road to healing is paved with positive thoughts and attitude!

Everyone, yes, EVERYONE should read this, then pay $3.99 to download the guided meditations and then dedicate time each day to meditate and CHANGE the course of your life.  This book is totally life changing, and the meditations will do what they promise.  Love yourself enough to know you deserve the very best, and you can make it happen!

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