Stay on Track

Food prep! The last two weeks were admittedly a sh!t show of my trying to keep up with my food schedule. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything into the day and still sleep. Today I was determined to get the first four days of next week ready! ✅ shopped @wholefoods and @costco ,2 hours of cooking later my meals and snacks are all set thru Thursday (for my amazing kiddo and Fiancé too) 🙌🏻 A lot of people ask me if I’m sick of cooking 99% of what we eat each week, and I let them know I prefer doing that to feeling like 💩 which is how I used to feel before I took control of my nutrition 😉 #youreworthit #keepitclean #foodprepsunday#yougotthis

Bru Bone Broth

@costco had this Bru bone broth. It comes in four flavors, and they’re all amazing! Note the beef one has cayenne pepper so it’s a reintroduction broth (only if you’re good with peppers 🌶). Although I enjoy making new variants of bone broth at home each week, I’m always appreciative of a clean, easily accessible bone broth! After sampling all 4 and reading each label we bought 1 of each. Super delicious 😋 and I can’t wait to get to my breakfast today which includes of 1.5 cups of bone broth ☕️ #guthealing#slothapproved #bonebroth #keepitclean#everythingorganic

Cleaner Beauty Products

Got a really thoughtful gift of clean beauty products for my birthday. Thanks sis! Cleaning out my beauty products wasn’t easy, but I’m loving how many more stores are carrying more natural products, it makes life easier for this busy mama. #aipcommunity#cleanbeauty #clean #detox #skincare #aip#skindeep #autoimmunedisease

AIP Tacos

🌮AIP Tacos🌮
I always get the question about getting kids to eat more veggies.
Sometimes we just gotta hide them 🤫😂. In most of my dishes for my son, I will grate zucchini, carrots, or add cauliflower rice. Tonight I made these tacos with @sietefoods tortilla, top them with avocado and some black olives. It is one of his favorite meals! How do you hide your veggies ?😂! #aipcommunity #paleo#whole30 #veggies #nomnomnom#organic #autoimmunedisease #healthy#dinner #tacos #grassfedbeef

Fresh Herbs for Detox

🌱🌿Fresh herbs are a great way to #detox! 🌿 Adding fresh herbs to almost everything I make from smoothies to salads has been such an easy change. #aipcommunity #autoimmunedisease
Some benefits of herbs are #antiinflammatory#antibacterial #memory #antioxidants