21 day Hormone Reset for Stubborn Weight Loss

Happy Hump Day, friends.  I see my post regarding weight loss on IG and FB caused quite the stir and had many of you asking for more info!

The book I am quoting from is called The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried, MD.

When I decided to add this to my AIP journey, I saw immediate weight loss results.  Truth be told, it was only the first 3 of 7 items to eliminate that I had to erase.  1.  Red Meat, 2. Sugar, 3.  Fruit, 4. Caffeine, 5. Grains, 6.  Dairy, 7 Toxins.  So rejoice my fellow AIP friends…you’ve nailed all but 4 straight out the gate!

Key points – limit your carb intake to 49 grams or less a day.

Erase one item from the list (in order given) each day for 21 days.  So days 1-3 no red meat, while continuing that for the remaining 18 days,  erase Sugar days 4-6, then fruit days 7-10, so on and so forth.  The items continue to stay out the duration of the 21 days.

What do you mean “Toxins?”   Well, for many of my female friends, this is not going to make me popular in your eyes.  It means your shampoo/conditioner, detangler, dry shampoo, styling products, cosmetics, lotions, body wash, nail polish, laundry detergent, cleaning agents. etc.  It was a super sad day when I called MAC and discovered my primer was full of wheat, corn, rice and toxic chemicals.  $300 worth of makeup down the drain, but what a relief to learn that ELF cosmetics is one of the cleanest around and you can get it at Target for a few dollars.  Roll with the punches and celebrate the daily steps of cleaning out your cabinets!

It’s important to note that everyone’s results vary.  What Autoimmune disease are you battling?  Is your problem a simple Leptin imbalance/resistance, (in which case the fruitless stage will reset it for you)? Have you become insulin resistant?  Pre-diabetic? Do you suffer from PCOS or other hormone related problems?  Are you eating things that are keeping the weight on, like inadvertently getting hidden gluten in foods?  Consuming too many carbs?  Too much fruit?

Grab a copy of this book and give it your all for 21 days. Seriously, 3 weeks friends.  That’s not asking a lot!

You can click on the Nutrition tab on our page to learn more about going Paleo and AIP.

Keep it Clean,

Kat & Lori

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