Welcome, Friends to the Autoimmune Protocol Community!

Welcome to the AIPCommunity!


Welcome to our Autoimmune Protocol Community!

We are so happy to share with all of you the combined years of knowledge we’ve gained and implemented while battling our autoimmune diseases.  We can’t wait to share ideas on nutrition, detoxifying, exercise, recipes, resources, meditation, essential oils, shopping tips, cosmetics, cleaning products, building your support network and so much more!   We’re just getting started on this amazing journey with you, make sure to subscribe and check back daily for more great tips and tricks to get you back to health and wellness!

Keep it Clean,

 Kat & Lori

Clean and Hydrating Lotions

Massages and Mani- Pedi struggles are real – I finally found a clean lotion that my massage therapist says is great for massages – and the bonus is that it’s skin firming too @andalounaturals – and @acureorganics your ultra hydrating lotion is perfect for pedicures and manicures – and the ultra hydrating makes my feet and hands baby soft ❤ So don’t fret none my gluten intolerant friends, you can still indulge and enjoy some self care and stay clean! #keepitclean #aip #massage #selfcare

Omega Wave Machine

A lot of you ask us about getting fitness back into your lives. Autoimmune disease can make it super challenging, sometimes just keeping up with life feels like a workout. My friend @alex.margolin owns Sun Valley Fitness and has an @omegawave machine. This morning he hooked me up to the machine and 4 minutes later I had an amazing read out. It’s a super effective way to see where your health and fitness is at and a valuable tool for your trainer/coach to know what exactly your body can handle. I was super excited to see my reading as it was another confirmation of my solid health and level of fitness. All good things concerning the Omega Wave. If you’re near @ketchumidaho look up Alex or google search where you live to find a gym that has this machine. 🙌🏻 #fitness#autoimmunedisease #aip #healthy

Quick and Easy Breakfast!

Easy breakfast! Take 1/3 cup chia seed and grind up in a coffee grinder – add hot water to make it an oatmeal consistency – add in some chopped dates – sprinkle with cinnamon – feel free to add in some fresh wild blueberries – we added in pine nuts which works when you’re past that reintroduction phase. I also added in a teaspoon of coconut oil – and some of our friends chose Ghee. Possibilities are endless!!! #breakfast #chia #organic #aip

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Wrapped up our family vacation with some #fsm Frequency specific Microcurrent. The possibilities are endless with what you can treat. Our friend @alex.margolin was kind enough to hook me up to his three machines and focus in on the things he felt would do the most good for me. I spent a few hours before dinner focusing on spine health, histamines, liver detoxing and a few other frequencies. Then before bed I was hooked up to hit EBV – because you all know my battle to completely eradicate that from my system. #igotthis Long story short I felt the fsm doing its work during both sessions and I feel even more amazing today. Honestly considering taking the training course for fsm and seeing what good I can put into the world with it! Cheers to an open mind that brings new experiences and more ways to foster great health ❤🙌🏻 #healthy #openmind #aip#naturalremedies

Postpartum Health

So many of my girlfriends are pregnant right now, I wanted to share a book from @drjolenebrighten that was really helpful for me postpartum. We talk a lot about having a healthy pregnancy, but not so much of how to take care of ourselves after the baby is here. I hope that this book helps you too! #pregnancy #healthy #aipcommunity#ittakesavillage #heal #stronglikeamother